by mădă hruban

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servus, my name is mădă hruban and i am here to present you the story of unu (one).

unu is the conscious part of yourself that is aware that you are, at the same time, everything you managed to materialise around the very first quarc born out of the energy that resulted following the alignment of the movement between existence and nonexistence of the vibration of the thoughts your brain are broadcasting into the universe right now.

everything that surrounds you represents the materialisation of your present thoughts in various evolutive stages, so, you are infinite because you constntly create yourself.

it sounds a bit complicated and more like bullshit, i know. actually, it is very easy: REMEMBER!

you've created a beautiful universe and you understood that, if you remember absolutely everything right now, you become again the very first beam of energy, all alone and sad in the darkness and the cold of nonexistence because, your physical body, human is limited, just the energy that surrounds it is infinite. once we raise our consciousness we have to take care of the body to follow.

think about what would mean for your organism to remember all the time the entire pain from the primordial rupture generated by the sparkle between those two energies: all and nothing right through the pain of the undergrowth blooming of the grass? you'd explode and starting to begin all over again from the very first quarc!

all new creation is born through the pain of division. we tear apart pieces from ourselves and we learn to evolve separately. we constantly have the possibility to choose between bringing up to reality the best version or the most comfortable. right now you are surrounded by the other version of every choices you are making second by second.

unfortunately we become better only when we step out of our comfort zone.

now, that we know we are directly responsible of what is happening to us, i want us to answer to ourselves the following question: WHAT IS THE REAL PRICE WE PAY FOR OUR COMFORT?

we gave up food hunting, the resistance of our teeth got loosen, now we need straws to drink our beverages because our teeth are too sensitive, therefore becoming useless by eating only soft and synthetical food, that disintegrates easily. 

we've become more and more statical, our muscles are more and more weak ergo our eager to move is weaker. we become depressed, we now need ordered food in packages that are intoxicating our body directly and indirectly by polluting the air and the water, and without air and water our body may have struggles to evolve.

our health and power depends on the health of the environment we live in. if we want to see changes around us we have to improve ourselves constantly. even by two words if we are better today than we were yesterday is a step towards evolution.

it is time to start to be aware that the power to change the world we live in lies within: #refuse, #reduce, #repair, #reuse, #recover, #refunctionalise, #redesign, #recycle, #rot.